Fluvial sedimentology VII

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Nittrouer, James A. Austin, Michael E.

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Field, Joseph H. Kravitz, James P. Syvitski, Patricia L. SP36 — Braided Rivers. Sambrook Smith, James L. Best, Charlie S. Bristow, Geoff E. Blum, Susan B. Marriott, Suzanne F. Worden, Sadoon Morad.

Burley, Richard H. Peter Martini, Victor R. Mather, J. Harvey, J. White, Nancy R. SP29 — Quartz Cementation in Sandstones. Smith, J.

Fluvial Processes - River Characteristics

Camoin, P. Flemming, A. Experimental set-up of XES02 Details. Show caption. Figure 2.

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Fluvial Sedimentology VII

Example of the complex topography of multiple unpaired terraces that formed during accelerating rates of relative sea level fall in the experimental basin during XES Figure 3. Illustration of how the braided multi-channel experimental system narrowed and widened in response to falling and rising sea level. Figure 4. Conceptual illustration of how incised valley depth and width evolved during one complete sea level cycle in the experiment. Figure 5. Downdip change in topographic and stratigraphic valley width and depth in the XES02 experiment.

Modified after Strong and Paola, Details. The beauty and utility of experiments is to illuminate the fundamental processes that drive the evolution of natural systems. Experiments help us build intuition for processes that otherwise might be hard to 'visualize' Experiments are also useful hypothesis testers.

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But most of all experiments have the potential to completely change how we think about our science and to challenge our assumptions as to how natural systems evolve. Here we use data from a physical experiment to generate insight into the relationship between the geomorphic processes that drive valley incision and filling and the stratigraphic record left behind from these processes. Anthony Laboratory at the University of Minnesota.

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