Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

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Profession: Author. Event Coordinator. Film Executive. These men came from two entirely different worlds, yet somehow they bonded to create a new nation, a nation that would become a superpower. There is incredibly no other book that makes the case that this was the indispensable alliance of the founding era. What are some other similarities between them? They shared a white hot ambition, but an ambition of the noblest kind. They faced the violence and hardship of war with great courage; they both were capable of undertaking a Herculean amount of work; they were persistent in the pursuit of their goals; they had a sober understanding of human nature and were resistant to the siren call of utopianism; and they both came to appreciate that Thomas Jefferson could not be trusted.

In addition to getting their individual starts through war, they originally formed their "alliance" during wartime when Hamilton became an aide-de-camp to Washington. What are some examples of how they helped each other during the Revolutionary War? The two almost become merged in their thinking. This is the kind of trust that Washington had in Hamilton — full and complete.

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One of their most important collaborations was during Washington's presidency when Hamilton served in his cabinet. Why do you think Hamilton emerged as one of Washington's principle advisors?

Ron Chernow: Washington & Hamiltons Relationship

The book demonstrates how critical the leadership of the Continental Army and specifically these two men were to forging an American identity in the s. The Alliance that Forged America explores not only about Alexander Hamilton and George Washington's alliance, but also who they were allied against. Why is this comparison an important part of the story?

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The allegations that were directed against both of them, that they were whores for England, was the equivalent of being called a communist in the s. It was designed to remove you as a force on the public scene. That is an important part of the story to tell, because it reveals the moral courage that both Washington and Hamilton had to muster in the face of this ferocious opposition. It speaks volumes about their persistence, and their commitment to the American experiment. What is your favorite quote from either Washington or Hamilton in their correspondence to each other?

Williams: During the Constitutional Convention when they restored their collaboration , Washington and Hamilton were despondent over the deadlock in the convention and exchanged affectionate letters.

Washington and Hamilton: The Alliance that Forged America

Through the course of your research, what aspect of their partnership most intrigued you? Williams: I was intrigued by just how much their relationship was shaped by their respective characters — Washington as the man of classical republican virtue, and Hamilton as the man of honor. It led to an incredibly fruitful alliance with different contributions but also dramatic moments when they clashed.

What do you think readers will be most surprised about as they read this book? Perhaps the ferocity of the Jeffersonian opposition to the policies of the Washington administration, including the fact that Jefferson advocated executing any Virginia banker who cooperated with the Bank of the United States. There is also a tendency to romanticize the relationship between Jefferson and Madison, or Jefferson and Adams, due to the somewhat poetic nature of their correspondence. What, in your opinion, is the greatest moment in the collaboration between Washington and Hamilton?

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